Lead Generation

and Sales Funnel


We are not another lead generation agency that traffics large volumes of unqualified leads to your website and leaves you struggling to convert an uninterested audience. No.


We focus on developing automated marketing campaigns that not only generate qualified leads but nurtures these leads till they become raving fans and repeat buyers.

It’s end-to-end marketing for us. We are with you from campaign ideation to campaign success.

When Do You Need Lead Generation And Funnel Optimization?

Are you tired of getting no response from visitors on your website, in other words, you’re getting traffic yet little to no sales?


Do you have a lead generation strategy already in place yet you’re having a hard time converting these leads to customers?

Without any uncertainty… 

You need professional help with your lead generation and sales funnel systems.

Volume isn't the goal. Quality is everything

At WC, we don’t do vanity metrics. Our goal from start to end is to drive sales and growth for your business.

We don’t just go for volume, we are out for quality too. That way…

We spend less, get you more quality leads and robust conversion rates at the end of the day.

Our Results-driven Lead Generation and Sales Optimization Process.

Pre-campaign Planning 

At WC, we say NO to outrageous campaign budgets.

We infuse strategic planning that helps us get the best results whilst also spending the less on your campaign budget.

Brand Awareness and Prospect Attraction Campaigns

We take strategic steps and run clear-cut campaigns to reach your target customers and build brand awareness.

We then enter these website visitors into your sales funnels using our lead capturing systems to nurture these leads till they convert.

Relationship building stage.

We harness the relationship-building power of email marketing to help engage and nurture website leads till they become loyal customers.

Upselling and Customer Retention Campaigns.

Customer retention increases your customers’ lifetime value and boosts your revenue.

We employ strategic email campaigns that helps build amazing relationships with your customers and keeps them coming back again and again.